In mold Label Printing

In mold label Printing (IML) are a type of labeling technique used primarily in the packaging industry, where labels are placed into the mold before the plastic container is formed. The process involves integrating the label with the container during the molding process, resulting in a seamless and durable label that becomes an integral part of the packaging.

Shreedhar Expertise as in mold label printing(IML)

The label that gets the most orders for production is the in mold label Printing. A cost-saving solution, in mold labels come with impressive print quality that helps make your product stand out. An extremely swift process, these labels come merged with the container and therefore remain scratch-resistant as well as water-proof. Apart from that, even when the product is placed on the shelf looks extremely stunning due to the effect of the label. A lot of methods can be used to make in mold labels, but the one that has been the most effective is the one that we are using. We make use of vacuum, compressed air or static air to give it a proper foundation.

Applications of in-mold labels by Shreedhar labels LLP include:

  1. Food Packaging:

    In-mold labels are commonly used in food packaging for products such as yogurt containers, margarine tubs, and ice cream tubs. The labels provide vibrant graphics, product information, and branding while offering resistance to moisture and abrasion.

  2. Personal Care Products:

    In-mold labels are utilized in packaging for cosmetics, shampoo bottles, and lotion containers. They offer high-quality printing for product branding and regulatory information.

  3. Household Products:

    In-mold labels are used for packaging household items such as detergent bottles, cleaning product containers, and pet food containers. They provide durability and resistance to chemicals.

  4. Automotive Parts:

    In-mold labels are applied to automotive parts, including dashboard panels, door panels, and trim pieces. The labels offer resistance to heat, chemicals, and weathering, ensuring long-lasting branding and product identification.

  5. Industrial Applications:

    In-mold labels find use in industrial applications such as paint buckets, lubricant containers, and chemical drums. They provide durable labeling solutions for harsh environments.

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