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Pharmaceuticals - Custom pharma label printing

In Ahmedabad, India, our specialty lies in custom pharma label printing for pharmaceutical products. Our team comprises skilled professionals dedicated to meeting pharmaceutical labeling requirements. A common request from pharmaceutical companies is for multilayer printed labels, such as booklet labels, hanger labels, and security labels. These labels are essential for accommodating extensive information within limited space effectively. With our expertise in custom pharma label printing, we ensure the provision of detailed and properly formatted information, meeting the stringent demands of the industry.


Shreedhar Labels stands out as a premier manufacturer and supplier, offering tailored solutions for custom pharma label printing and healthcare label printing. Our meticulous approach ensures safety and precision in crafting healthcare labels. Among our popular offerings are booklet labels, multilayer labels, and self-adhesive sticker labels, meeting the diverse demands of our valued customers

Beauty & personal care

Apart from custom pharma label printing, we make your cosmetic brand stand out! With our cosmetic label printing solutions as well as skin care label printing and hair care label printing options, we’ll help you get your message across by combining beautiful designs with practicality. While real beauty always lies within, even the packaging and labeling need to be aesthetically pleasing and beautiful, so that the right kind of attention is received. And no one does beauty and personal care labeling better than Shreedhar Labels. After all, our experience has helped us provide the perfect labeling solutions to our customers.

Food & Beverages

At Shreedhar Labels, we have also been very creative when it comes to customizing and manufacturing attractive labels for food and dairy products. We offer convenient label options that also incorporate food safety norms, nutritional information and other logistics with a personal touch. We don’t just provide labels but provide you with personalized labels that match with your brand, the product and with your company’s beliefs.

Pesticides and Agrochemical

When it comes to providing labeling solutions for pesticides, Shreedhar Labels have always done an outstanding job by making them durable as well as legible. We create labels that are extremely functional and have all the crucial information highlighted to perfection. It can be quite challenging to get the labeling right, specifically when it comes to pesticide labeling. Hence it is always better to play it safe and choose someone that’s reliable and knows the market and products well. That’s why you need Shreedhar Labels.


Our company provides high quality oil and lubricant label printing, which includes oil and lubricant bottle labels, aerosol labels, oil filter labels, printer labels etc. The most important thing is that we have a strong team is large capacity to produce all kinds / We print and supply all these oil & lubricant company’s labels, seals and safety marks. All are print on demand. We also offer full under printing customization service for your company.

Home Care and Laundry

A lot of home care and laundry products have different packaging compared to other items in the market. Since they easily succumb to pressure, even the labels that are used for such items are pressure-sensitive. Knowing exactly what your requirements are, Shreedhar Labels provides the best pressure sensitive labels that are also not heat-sensitive and have especially strong adhesive so that the label doesn’t peel off easily. Providing stylishly creative designs that match your brand’s requirements as well as the functionality of the packaging, Shreedhar Labels can be said to be the master of home care and laundry labeling.